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Hi, it's Dale. One of the primary purposes we created the Tallahassee Spiritual Center is to bring people together who share a similar spiritual paths. We are inclusive and supportive of everyone, regardless of their spiritual journey.

In my younger years, I was deeply into spirituality and metaphysics, but had little community support. I had plenty of friends, but had to keep my path hidden away, deep inside. I'm happy to be a part of others not having to go through that type of experience.

On several occasions at our recent events, I've seen people with tears of joy steaming down their face. Up until that day, they never had anyone to talk with about spiritual experiences. Never! No one they could laugh with, talk about the odd side of spiritual growth, never!

In one of our community events, you might easily be standing next to a Reiki Healer, someone on a Pagan Spiritual Path, a Buddhist, a Spiritual Drummer, a Psychic, or an Internal Martial Arts practitioner. Pretty cool isn't it!

We've had meetups and classes at our location for a while, but now we are offering more community events like psychic fairs, spiritual gatherings with live music, free monthly meetups, and more. We have a good location centrally located in Tallahassee, good parking, and already a great group of people.

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