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Are you stuck in grief, depression, anxiety, or not able to feel how you want to? For 30 years, I've taught clients all over the world how to gain better control over their lives, from the inside out.

    Are you stuck in grief, depression, anxiety, or not able to feel how you want to? For 30 years, I've taught clients all over the world how to gain better control over their lives, from the inside out.

    Work with me to get immediate and lasting positive results with your thinking, emotions, and personal awareness. Start getting the peace, clarity, and confidence you deserve in life.

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    Hi, I'm Dale Sellers, founder of Tallahassee Spiritual Center. Are you struggling in an area of your life and finding any of these factors to be true:

    • You're emotions and thinking are keeping you stuck, preventing you from creating the life you want to have

    • You've seen a counselor and you just aren't getting anywhere by talking about your problems

    • You've read popular psychology and spiritually books, but just don't find they are helping you achieving lasting results

    • You've tried to meditate for inner peace and "clearing your mind' isn't working for you

    It's not your fault - life is designed to make you suffer

    No one teaches us how to manage our emotional and mental states. We're expected just to figure these things out. Unfortunately, most people aren't very good at this.

    In fact, we are often conditioned in our society to react in negative and destructive ways. Whether it's soppy love songs, movies about toxic relationships, role models such as unhealthy parental relationships, much of the conditioning we receive about life is negative. This 'programming' teaches us to live in fear, loneliness, anger, stress, and doubt.

    This is so especially when life hits hard with a painful divorce, the loss of a loved one, ongoing confidence issues, or some other tragedy.

    I decided I wasn't going to struggle through life like most people seem to do

    Many years back, I found myself in a daunting situation. I was not at peace most of the time. My daily life was scattered with unproductive thinking and emotional states. Not only was I suffering, I could also see the destructive effect my inner state was having in my career, love life, health, and other goals I had.

    But instead of just accepting suffering as part of life like many others do, I decide I wanted to live differently. I decided I wanted better control over myself. I wanted to think and feel more in a way that was productive, in alignment with the goals and life I wanted to create.

    I wanted to have this inner control over myself, regardless of what pitfalls or challenges I was facing. I set out on a journey to improve myself. Unfortunately, for a while I failed at achieving this goal. I first tried to accomplish inner peace with just brute mental force, which didn't work. Then I tried counselors, philosophy books, personal growth seminars, and anything else I could find. I got limited to no results.

    What actually worked for me

    Along my journey, I finally ran across a few techniques that seemed to give me more inner control. These techniques seemed to focus on certain types of visualizations, methods which triggered emotional states, and other similar strategies.

    After going deeper into this type of mindset training, I found myself involved with a former U.S. Air Force intelligence project.

    It was focused on helping soldiers work through combat trauma. I figured if the techniques worked for soldiers under high stress and trauma, they would surely help me with the issues I was facing in my own personal life.

    After several years of applying these methods in my own life and getting amazing results, I decided to start sharing what I learned with others, in hope they could live more enriching and joyful lives. This turned into the Mindset Coaching Services that I now offer to people like yourself.

    Intuition Chat

    I've known Dale for over 22 years and have done a great deal of personal work with him. I've used this training to spiritually manifest impossible feats in my life, even when my family and friends had no faith in my ability. It gives me the capacity to deal with life head on.

    Intuition Chat

    Life is largely a reflection of what occurs within you, emotionally and mentally

    Our emotional and mental state have such a powerful influence over how we live. Your emotional and mental states will often be the most critical factor which decides so many things in life:

    • How well you perform at work

    • Achieving your weightless/fitness goals

    • How you deal with challenges in relationships

    • If you accomplish your big dreams, like opening a business

    • The level of wealth you achieve

    • Your ability to avoid sickness/disease

    • How other people perceive you

    • Your spiritual awareness and abilities such as psychic perception, healing abilities, and your ability to manifest what you want.

    This is why achieving mental and emotions control must be a top priority. Great thinkers have said the same thing, in similar ways, for thousands of years: if you can control your mind, you can control your life

    What you can gain in a mindset coaching session with me

    Instead of merely reacting to what's going on around you, or the people in your life, mindset techniques are about rewiring who you are from the inside out. It's about experiencing life as you want to experience regardless of what's occurring around you.

    Here are just some of the benefits that are possible through a session:

    • Gain the ability to instantly shift your mental and emotional states, regardless of what is occurring in your life - even if you are going through a painful break up, faced with crippling fear, etc.

    • Sometimes pain is natural, like when dealing with death of someone you love, or other life-altering events. When these things happen, gain the ability to bounce back faster, rather than suffering for months, years, or a lifetime.

    • Finally get negative people and other sources of stress out of your head. Reclaim your life force from the people in scenarios who don't deserve it.

    • If you prefer, we can focus on psychic and spiritual development during your coaching session with me. This could involve working through issues with the chakras (energy centers), getting spiritual blocks out of the way, and learning specific techniques of developing/using various psychic abilities. If this area of life fascinates you, coaching is surely an option, but I also suggest you see our Advanced Psychic/Spiritual Development Group here in Tallahassee.

    A Mindset Coaching Session with me is about claiming back your life force and using it where it counts. This allows you to start creating a better for your life for yourself, moving on to healthier and happier relationships, building a better career and wealth for yourself.

    I typically show clients various methods, depending on what they are facing. An example might be a guided visualization for removing the emotional and mental grips somebody else has over you, such as domineering boss or a past lover. These are techniques you can take with you and use throughout the day to manage destructive emotions, negative thinking, and wasted mental energy.

    The Spiritual Benefits

    As you start to clear out your internal suffering and clutter, you're spiritual awareness often starts to open up as a side effect. You become more intuitive. This clearing process is what partially allowed me to gain the necessary spiritual awareness to work as a professional psychic and healer.

    As you begin to purge your mind and soul through Mindset Techniques, you start to view life through a different lens. Your creativity increases, you often find various spiritual gifts appear, and you're able to connect with others on a deeper level. While it's not a requirement to embrace this spiritual aspect of life, many clients over the years have found it to be very life-changing and beneficial.

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    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the coaching session we recently had covering one of the key exercises taught in the training program. You got right 'to the point' early in the session to help me realize some of the areas I was not seeing.

    Julia Fortune, Chief Operating Officer
    Copia Trading Company, California, USA
    National Sales Representative Recruitment

    Yes dale, I need your professional coaching and I'm ready to receive the powerful benefits of your service - more personal control, awareness, and peace of mind.

    Dale, I understand that I will receive the following:

    • Help with discovering what I can do to get the results that I want, whether it's with my love life, career, emotional health, or spiritual growth.

    • Various exercises and techniques that I can use on my own to help me gain better emotional and mental control.

    • Better insight into why things are occurring in my life, and a roadmap for achieving consistent and long-term benefits.

    • Saved time and effort because you can help me avoid my life force from being consumed by negative emotions, thinking, and lack of focus.

    Take these 3 easy steps to get a session:

    1. Decide how long of a session you would like - Below, next to the prices, just choose what "block of time" is good for you.

    2. Purchase your session - You can purchase online using our secure Stripe Online Credit Card Order Form. Simply click on a payment button below and place your order. If you would rather provide your credit card information over the phone or you prefer another payment method, contact us.

    3. Contact us to schedule your session - If paying with Credit Card online, make your payment first and then contact me. If using any other payment method, see prices below and then contact us. Contact us also for further questions about my service.

    4. Meet me at my office for your session - I work out of the Tallahassee Spiritual Center, downtown Tallahassee, on Tennessee Street. The center is just one block west of the 4 Points Sherdan Hotel (large 12 story round hotel). You can park in lot behind the Center and you'll see my office door as you approach rear of building (look for door that adjoins wooden deck).

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    45 Minute Session


    • I recommend this amount of time especially if you are a first time client or facing a major challenge which requires significant attention.

    • My sessions are about helping you on a deeper level. It takes time for me to run you through the various exercises I use, and show you how to use these tools at home, on your own.

    • A 45 minute session is the best choice for dealing with an ongoing issues, such as being stuck in an area of your life, or if you want to do some deeper spiritual work (chakras, etc.)

    • This option also gives me ample time to determine your best path for getting what you want.

    30 Minute Session


    • This is the minimal amount of time I suggest for a serious challenge. Even if you want one simple method you can learn and use to help yourself, working through a challenge is rarely one simple step.

    • If you are dealing with a breakup, stress at work, or some other tough challenge, I recommend at least a 30 Minute session for getting the guidance and direction you need.

    • This option is more affordable, but still allows me to give you guidance and cover what steps you can take to get your desired outcome.

    15 Minute Session


    • This is a good choice for repeat clients that need a follow-up session.

    • I recommend a longer session for first time clients, but if you are in a financial crisis, I'm sure that we can get the basics accomplished with this option.

    • If you need it, you can always schedule an additional session at a later time if you choose this option.

    • Don't get me wrong, even with this shorter session you can still get the help that you need. We just won't be able to cover as many details. But getting some help is better than not getting any help!

    Develop Your Intuition

    "Each time we met, I received a great deal of information, direction and support that was very valuable to me in making decisions and moving forward in my life and business."

    Intuition Chat

    Don't put it off any longer - take the step now to get an Mindset Coaching Session with me.

    Make an online payment above or contact us to submit your payment information over the phone. Contact me also if you have further questions about my service.

    Important:My Mindset Coaching service is a Life Coaching service. This service is not professional psychological, psychiatric or crisis counseling. Please see our Terms for full details before purchasing service.

    For Mindset Coaching, I require a payment in advance.