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Ashtanga yoga

Hi it's Dale, founder of Tallahasse Spiritual Center. We do offer meditation classes which focus on achieving inner peace and stress reduction (see below). At the same time, we also offer class covering 'Intentional Based' meditation - the fun stuff!

Using various techniques such as visualization and emotional state exercises, Intentional Based meditation is about achieving various personal and spiritual abilities. These are practical skills that you can use in your day-to-day life.

It's about being about to achieve what you want in life, living in an expanded, less limited version of reality, and embracing your inner spiritual self.

An Approach that's exciting, mind-opening, and practical

The techniques taught in our intentional based classes tend to be more active and stimulating, compared to 'sitting in stillness' for the whole class as with many other approaches.

Many classes involve experiences where we show you how to use your spiritual gifts, and help you develop/practice these gifts during the class.

Intentional Based meditation about bringing personal and spiritual growth into every aspect of your life, in a way that makes life easier, more alive, and less painful for you and the people you care about.

Note: Tallahassee Spiritual Center is not associated with any spiritual or religious organization or specific path. We embrace the value of many diverse perspectives like quantum physics, psychology, evolutionary biology, metaphysics, parapsychology, and the wisdom of the many indigenous people from around the world.

Psychic/Spiritual Classes: Some Of The Topics We Teach

  • Psychic development - psychically sensing other's emotions, motivations, thoughts, memories, etc - whether they are in the same room or a thousand miles away - makes life easier, more exciting, and helps you to avoid failures.

  • Spiritual manifesting what you want in life - using the Law Of Attraction to spiritually attract the ideal relationship, career, home, business opportunities, success, events, certain types of people, etc.

  • Remote Viewing - establish a psychic viewpoint that can be used to view people and events in the past, present, and probable future. Travel anywhere you like and see, feel, hear, what is occurring.

  • Crisis management - learn workable methods for saving a failing relationship, making your current relationship stronger, handling life stress better, and breaking self-destructive patterns. Get various personal/spiritual growth tools you can start using in your day to day life to get the results you want.

  • Connecting with loved ones/friends who have passed - be able to see them, talk to them, verify what you are experiencing is real, and work through any unresolved issues if you wish.

  • Astral projection - inducing travel to other realms where you can explore, have shared experiences with people you know, connect with dead family members, etc. Accomplish this without drugs and learn skills needed to navigate in astral realms, deal with entities, work through fears, etc.

  • Psychic and spiritual protection - protect yourself from the energy/effects of negative people, dead people, spiritual entities, etc. Learn to create a protective energy field in your home which keeps unwanted visitors away.

  • Spiritual healing techniques - learn to use spiritual energy to heal yourself and others of physical conditions, pain, etc. Learn how to access the root cause of sickness, so long-term benefits can be achieved.

  • Past life awareness - learn to gain access to your past lives, find out if they are affecting your current life, and heal anything that needs to resolved so you can clear you current life path. Gain the ability to see, hear, and feel exact events which occurred in your past lives.

  • Chakra awareness & development - learn to identify the locations of the chakras and strengthen them to radically increase all spiritual and psychic ability.

  • Emotional and mental control - Learn methods for creating more happiness, feeling how you want to regardless of what is/has happened in your life. We even cover methods for releasing deep trauma, and its effects in your daily life.

  • Experiencing spiritual bliss - individually & in relationships - metaphysics doesn't have to be boring! Learn to trigger white-light experiences and other 'spiritual highs' that blow away any drug usage, adrenaline highs, etc. Make your life more exciting and fulfilling!

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Ashtanga yoga

There is an incredible of scientific research proving the benefits of regular Mindfulness Meditation. Practitioners often report improvements with mental and emotional health, relationships, career performance, and overall wellbeing.

Rather than 'trying not to think' as with some meditation approaches, Mindfulness Meditation turns the focus towards the breath, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations within the body. Rather than trying to control anything, the intention is to become the 'watcher,' which is a state of non-judgment.

This form of 'directing attention' helps to hold the practitioner in the present moment, where the true benefits are achieved.

Of course, you can learn Mindful Meditation and practice it at home. The benefit of attending regular classes is having a teacher direct you, and participating with peers in a supportive environment.

Come try out a Mindfulness Meditation class at Tallahassee Spiritual Center. The facilitator, Dale Sellers, has been teaching meditation for 30 years, and is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge.

Tallahassee Advanced Psychic/Spiritual Development Group

Advanced Psychic & Spiritual Group

Hi it's Dale, founder of Tallahassee Spiritual Center. If you've been to one of my public classes in the Tallahassee area, it was an honor to have you present.

In these public classes, I'm able to share power exercises and techniques. While the methods are beginning-level, they are still incredible and every class is worth your time.

I will continue to facilitate these classes available to everyone, as it's a great way to connect with like-minded people in the community, the techniques I share are helpful, and it's a great way to bring people on various spiritual paths together.

At the same time, in these introduction-level classes, I'm usually NOT able to share more advanced-level methods

Each class has new people coming in who are often just beginning spiritual growth, and I have to adjust the class to these new people. Also, I generally don't have the time available in an introduction-level class to cover more advanced methods.

For those in the Tallahassee area who are interested in a more complete approach to psychic and spiritual growth, covering more advanced methods, we have a growing student community. See the details:

Advanced Group Classes

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